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The Know-How When You Need to Know



  Hilary Fischer, Founder

The Know-How When you Need to Know

With over two decades of experience in the healthcare market research sector, Hilary Fischer founded HJF Consulting to share her  multi-faceted and multi-disciplined know-how and sector expertise to clients across the globe. 

Hilary honed her skills during tenures at Kantar Health, All Global and SHC where she held senior level positions and helped to expand revenue and market growth in the US, Europe and beyond. 

Hilary has deep expertise in data privacy and compliance management, market strategy and expansion, leadership development and operational effectiveness. 

Hilary is known for her collaborative  and thoughtful approach which enables her to establish a rapport with the key stakeholders and team members she works alongside to deliver on organizational goals.




The Know-How When you Need to know

I have worked with Hilary for more than 16 years. She is a legend in the healthcare, marketing research industry. I can honestly say she deserves the title. Besides being one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, she is honest, meets deadlines and has a great deal of industry knowledge. She is a teriffic asset to lead any project that you may have at your company.
— Jerry Arbittier, CEO, SHC

Data Privacy and Compliance Management

  • Data Privacy Officer (DPO) as External Consultant
  • GDPR Readiness Preparation
  • Privacy Shield Participation Preparation 
  • Privacy Awareness Training
  • Adverse Event Training 
  • Development of Privacy Policies & Procedures 
  • Design of Privacy Controls
  • Address Privacy Issues in Products & Services
  • Data Breach & Incident Response Processes
  • Data Flow Mapping 
  • Internal/External Privacy-Related Communications

OPerational Effectiveness 

  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Effective Utilization of Staff
  • Job Descriptions -  Evaluation & Update
  • Project Management Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • "On the Job Training" Program Development
  • Client & Staff Satisfaction Assessment
  • Cross-Collaboration 
  • Strategic Partnerships - Vendor Management

Market Strategy and Expansion 

  • Competitive Positioning & Intelligence
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Development
  • Training of  Business Development & Operations Teams
  • Talent Search & Resource Expansion 
  • Advisory Role on Employment Requirements (U.S., U.K)

Leadership training and Development

  • Emotional Intelligence and People Management
  • How to Identify & Grow Talent
  • Improving Your Institutional Culture 
  •  The Employee Experience 
  • Executive Leadership "Soft Skills"  - the intersection of Revenue Growth & Employee Retention
  • Forward-Thinking Performance Management 
  • Succession Planning 


Photo by bernie_photo/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by bernie_photo/iStock / Getty Images




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